Inquiry stance

Problem solving through inquiry as stance


Learning goals

  • (Beginning) teachers will be enabled to reflect on difficult situations they encounter in school. They will be enabled to identify a question connected to such situations.
  • (Beginning) teachers will be able to plan a first step in an inquiry stance
  • (Beginning) teachers will be able to think about sources they can use to obtain information on the dilemma they encounter
  • (Beginning) teachers will be able to look for and use peer feedback

Learning fields

  • a learning strategy for professional learning

Learning path

  • Introduction to inquiry as stance
  • Introduction in the strategy by means of a ‘game’
  • Applying the strategy in own practice 

Learning methods

  • Learning by doing, applying the strategy in own practice

Learning environment

  • (beginning) teachers can practice this during their internship, experienced teachers in their work
  • Face to face meetings with peer-feedback in groups 
  • Online meetings and peer feedback in groups 

People involved

  • Other student teachers and/or experienced teachers
  • (someone to guide the process, organise the face to face meetings)

Indicators of success/impact

  • Feeling empowered 
  • Being able to express how and what is learned