New Student

Vignette #3


I have been working in school for 12 years as a class teacher. This year I am teaching a class that got a new classmate in September. In spite of strong support of the special needs team, he does not get included in the class. He has severe emotional and behavioural problems. In the class, he is not restless or aggressive and he is extremely attached to me.

My challenge relates primarily to his stubborn nature and the power of the word "NO". The boy simply rejects everything that seems hard to him, when he might be out of his comfort zone or when he does not have the main word. He is not taking school lunch like other children because the food is not good enough for him. He seems completely without energy and sometimes he is barely standing on its feet. He does not like teamwork. He left the gym during a lesson because the teacher showed him how to do exercises in a correct way. He often escapes the last lessons and goes home. I feel frustrated because I can’t find the right way with him. On one hand, I am attached to him because he trusts me and on the other hand, I don’t feel successful dealing with his problem behaviour. The situation is worrisome, because this year we are planning an outdoor school week in nature (by the sea) and I really want the boy to be part of it. At the same time, I have to take care of his safety and the wellbeing of other children.


How can I simultaneously take care of a pupil with behaviour problems on one hand and the wellbeing of other children?


  • discuss the situation with colleagues (Peeling the onion - tool 24)
  • talk to students (Interview pupils - tool 13)
  • talk with the parents and try to get to find a common solution (Talks with parents - tool 8)
  • reflect on situations when it worked; think about the cause for changed behaviour (reflective tool – tool 25, core reflection - tool 22, reflection - tool 23)
  • consult an expert in emotional and behaviour problems