Self Harm of Student

Vignette #13


One of the biggest issues in my career in teaching in my high school setting was having a student with serious psychological and potential self-harm issues in class. The student was extremely disruptive in the classroom which affected the whole classroom. Since the other students saw that this student could get away with misbehaviour, it was very difficult to keep the behaviour management at a desirable level.


I just don’t feel that I am trained for this role. I feel that I am not helping the student with mental health issues or the other students who cannot continue with their learning.


  • Seek advice from senior management 
  • Search the internet for consultation (tool 35)
  • Talk to other staff in the school to find out if they are experiencing the same professional challenges (tool 9)
  • Talk to the parents to find out about their knowledge of the young person (tool 8)
  • Video recording for Reflection (tool 7)