Severe Hearing Impairment

Vignette #25


I am a newly qualified teacher . One student suffered from severe hearing loss. She was sitting in the front and the teacher was standing right in front of her, but she could not hear what the teacher was saying.
In order to be able to follow the lesson, the teacher had to attached a small microphone to his shirt. Everything the teachers said was recorded and she could hear everything with the help of the appropriate receiver. That´s the reason why she was able to participate in the lesson. 

The classmates had two mobile microphones. They had to pass them on whenever someone said something.

During the lessons it was very quiet, because the classmates didn't wanted to make things more difficult for the student. 

Tension emotional response:

  • Would it work if the classmates weren't so considerate?
  • Discussions were sometimes tedious, because there was always a little break while the microphone had to be passed on.
  • How does it work during the breaks? Could the girl participate?


  • All students must always be very considerate. 
  • Certain (nice) methods cannot be used.


  • Should I avoid certain constellations (e.g. with children with ADHS) (tool 8, 9, 11)
  • Do I always have to encourage the other children be considerate? (tool 8, 9, 11)
  • Am I responsible for participation opportunities during the break 
  • Should I talk to the girls parents? (tool 8)