Teaching in online settings, how can I do this?

Vignette #38


I am a mathematics teacher in secondary education. The Covid-19 pandemic caused a lockdown for schools in our country and we had to switch from a physical classroom setting to online teaching. During an online lesson I also invite pupils to come to the whiteboard and write down their solution. For the rest of the lesson, pupils work on their tasks and I offer my help when needed. 


In the online setting, I need to redesign my lessons. For a start, it is almost impossible to write down formulas on the whiteboard of our online learning environment. Presenting a power point presentation is not my idea of a good lesson. How do I involve the pupils? How can I see what they are doing?


  • contacting my colleagues of the mathematic section and listen to what they are doing.
  • searching online for solutions of other teachers
  • reflecting on my way of teaching
  • experimenting and realising that this is a learning situation and mistakes are allowed