Teaching pupils or coaching parents?

Vignette #40


I teach in primary education, age group 7-8. I love my work, offering structure to my pupils and witnessing their attempts to master their tasks. Walking through my classroom and seeing each child as an individual fills me with professional pride every day. Covd-19 put an end to all that. Schools were closed and we needed to offer online education. Not an easy task for the pupils I normally teach. They are not yet very skilled readers, so online instructions are difficult for them. Also, they do have a shorter time span to focus. 

As a professional, I love to teach children, but I realised that online teaching was not the best option for now. It might be better to support parents and provide them with tips and tricks for homeschooling their children. 


How can I ensure that my pupils still get their education?


  • consulting my colleagues 
  • talking to parents
  • searching online for solutions that other primary school teachers were sharing
  • searching for home schooling websites
  • creating a schedule for parents that helps them to structure a day