New research insight article

by Mhairi Beaton & Rachel Lofthouse, Carnegie School of Education, Leeds Beckett University, UK

February 1st 2022

The PROMISE project: examining the use of complex professional dilemmas as a vehicle for teachers’ professional learning. A research insight working paper.

by Mhairi Beaton and Rachel Lofthouse

This working paper describes the findings and implications from an Erasmus+ Knowledge Exchange project undertaken collaboratively between seven organisations spread across Hungary, Slovenia, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. A key project objective was to develop deeper understanding of the professional challenges that teachers across Europe face as they encounter increasingly diverse cohorts of pupils in their classrooms. Findings from the project indicate that there were similarities in the professional challenges being faced by teachers across national and sectoral boundaries. There was also similarity in the challenges being faced by teachers are different stages of their career. A distinctive feature of the professional dilemmas being articulated by the teachers was their complex nature. These findings have implications for how student teachers are prepared and experienced teachers are supported as they work with diverse cohorts of students in European classrooms.

In: CollectivED working papers Issue 15: