Support Assistant

Vignette #17


I have recently been given a support assistant to work with in the classroom because I have a boy with special educational needs. However, I don’t know how to deploy her to make the most of the extra help in the classroom. I don’t know whether she is best to work just with the boy with SEN or whether I can get her to work with other pupils. She is new to the job and I’m worried that she won’t have the pedagogical skills she needs to help the pupils with their learning.


I don’t know how to deploy a new member of staff who is not a trained teacher to support the pupils’ learning.


  • Talk to colleagues (tool 9)
  • Engage in collegial consultation (tool 21)
  • Reflective Diary (tool 18)
  • Reflection (tool 23)
  • Distant Peer Coaching (tool 11)
  • Appreciative Inquiry (tool 26)