The game ‘inquiry stance’ in action

Susanne Huber, SAF Tübingen, Germany

April 30th 2021

My colleague Melanie Schwarz and I have been inspired by the game of Quinta Kools from FONTYs, Tilburg, NL (see Inquiry Stance). In our courses on inclusion for our classes of trainee teachers (final year) we work with vignettes in a blended-learning format (see Blended Learning on Inclusion). We now combined our blended learning course with Quinta’s game and set up a MIRO-Board. Here the task is to play the game with one given vignette.

Vignette (green sheet left), resources (blue sheet with post-its)

The class works in groups of three asynchronously with this board. The groups choose a virtual room, where they can work together.

At each table is a link to a videoconference-room

They place their results (storylines) on the board where they can also compare their results with that of other groups of the class who have played the game already.

The storyline can be filled in collaboratively

After finishing the game the group gets an additional vignette (one of three cases is selected by chance) and their task is to collaboratively work on the task as they have learned it via the game.

The results are in progress, … blog to be continued …