Cooperation of Childcare Center and School

Vignette #34


I am a school leader of a primary school. During my career I have experienced how difficult it is to teach children with a lower socio-economic background in such a way that they can actually meet the standards they need to meet in order to gain access to secondary schools. Als research and literature reveal that the home circumstances of these children do not sufficiently stimulate language acquisition or other fields of learning. That is why I have become convinced that the only way to support these children is to promote their participation in day care centres, so they will experience the richer learning  environment of these centres. It will help them acquire language skills; it will integrate them better in society and it will give them better perspectives in life. Cooperation between childcare and education provides benefits to families who use childcare. If the school and the daycare centre are in one location Parents will easily decide to bring their toddlers there as well. Cooperation between the school and the daycare centre will have a positive effect on the development of children - especially for children with a language or educational disadvantage. These benefits only apply to children who actually make use of childcare. Children with language or educational disadvantages make relatively little use of childcare. By bringing the two organizations together we may succeed in creating an environment in which toddlers and primary school pupils all benefit. We will create a pedagogical climate and stimulating setting for all from the earliest possible age on.


Ideas like mine are often seen as ideological, and not very practical; how can I gain support for my plans among those for whom this is meant?
The situation I wish to establish requires a consensus among all professionals in my staff as well as the staff of the day care centres?
How will parents react when they hear that their youngest children will be in a setting where also children up their school leaving age will be learning and playing


  • Who do I need to involve to elaborate my plans?
  • Do I need to involve the authorities first?
  • At what stage can I start involving parents in ideas?
  • What professionals other that teachers, do I need to involve