Prevention of Organised Crime

Vignette #35


I am a school leader of a primary school. My school is based in a local community of low economical standards. Still it seems that some children do have the financial means to buy things, to spend money on visits to the cinema, to events etc. Rumours are heard that these children might be involved in groups and even that these groups may be involved in organised crime circles as messenger boys, or drugs couriers. The profits they make while being engaged in these affairs may attract other children to get involved in these profitable activities. A school team meeting is organised to discuss how to proceed in these delicate matters


I am puzzled about how to operate. To what extent are the rumours based on facts? What might happen when the news is spread and made public. I don’t know what to make public and what to keep for myself for the time being. With whom could I discuss these matters


  • Shall I first discuss it with my staff?
  • What other professionals are relevant partners for me in this matter?
  • Do I have to involve the police at this stage?
  • Do parents need to be notified already?
  • What about the school’s reputation?