Technology Policy and Practice

There are pros and cons regarding the use of mobile phones in classrooms and other learning situations. How a case be made for their re-adoption following a serious bullying incident?

Vignette #28


Setting: a large class of learners all over 16 years of age in a college or vocational school setting. 

The use of mobile phones has been banned in lessons after a serious incident of cyber bullying. However, I would like my students to use mobile devices so that I can incorporate more interactive activities into my classes and give everyone a voice. I would particularly like to use ‘real-world’ tools such as padlet and micro-blogs.


The issue that I face is that I appreciate the reasons behind the mobile phone ban, but I also think there are real benefits in engaging learners with real world tools, helping the develop skills and competencies needed for learning and work, and supporting them to understand how technology can be used appropriately.


  • Should I try to make a case for the use of mobile phones in my lessons? 
  • How can I uncover the real issues that are underpinning concerns about mobile phone use and address these? 
  • How can I rebuild confidence in the use of technology for teaching and learning to allow a ban to be overturned? 
  • Who do I need to work with to start to make a case for the use of mobile phones?