Teachers’ Values and Beliefs

Student teachers and qualified teachers will consider their values and beliefs and how these might impact on decision making in their daily work


Target group: student teachers/qualified teachers

Learning goals

  • student teachers and qualified teachers explore their professional and personal values and beliefs they hold and whether these can impact their decision making in classrooms
  • student teachers and qualified teachers enabled to consider how these values and beliefs might influence their interactions with individuals in the classroom and consider how these might be reframed to enhance the participation of all pupils.

Learning fields

Professional learning in:

  • Self-reflection
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Goal setting
  • Strategic planning

Learning paths

The following learning path is suggested but participants may join in with activity at any point in the PLU. As the sessions involve discussion on sensitive issues, it may be helpful to consider the composition of group of the participants.

  • Establishing a positive climate – Appreciative Inquiry Interviews
  • Vignette Session 1 – classroom motivation – analysis and discussion on vignette 1
  • Taking a step back to think about values – Community of Philosophical Enquiry
  • Vignette Session 2 – students with mental health issues – analysis and discussion on vignette 2
  • Vignette Session 3 – challenging students – analysis and discussion on vignette 3
  • Diving deep into the Wasteland - Immersive Activity to promote reflection
  • Thinking about practice – Reflective Diary to be completed over a agreed time frame.
  • School in the World – Group Discussion Activity
  • Action/Reflection within school

Learning methods

  • Self-assessment
  • Group discussion
  • Community of Philosophical Enquiry
  • Immersive Activity
  • Reflective Diaries

Learning environment

  • groups of approximately 8-10 participants with one or two facilitators
  • it is suggested that groups of student or qualified teachers are kept relatively small as the topics under discussion are sensitive.
  • it may also be worthy of consideration that the sessions take place in an alternative location to the school as distance from the teachers’ normal working location may be beneficial.

People involved

  • facilitator/s of sessions
  • student teachers or qualified teachers

Indicators of success/impact

  • student and/or qualified teachers are able to express understanding of their personal and professional values and beliefs 
  • student and/or qualified teachers develop an enhanced understanding of the diversity of the students they teach 
  • student and/or qualified teachers are able to make more informed decisions about educational provision based on their enhanced understanding of their role in schools.
  • students in school are aware of being valued for their diversity.


  • Vignettes 1-3
  • Appreciative Inquiry – tool 26
  • Community of Philosophical Enquiry – tool 16
  • Immersive Activity to Promote Reflection – tool 17
  • reflective Diary – tool 18
  • School in the World – group discussion activity – tool 19