Boundary crossing

School leaders and school development teams seek solutions for partnerships in professional learning through networking


Target group: teacher trainers/facilitators.

Learning goals

  • School leaders learn how to analyze their work context and to identify the relevant professionals who share similar responsibilities
  • School leaders will be able to establish cooperation with their peer leaders
  • School leaders will be able to communicate with other school leaders who are facing similar challenges
  • School leaders will be able to empower their staff for cooperation and sharing
  • School leaders will be able to plan and establish a professional network with other schools

Learning fields

Professional learning in:

  • Self-evaluation
  • Network-analysis
  • Networking and collaboration
  • Goal setting
  • Strategic planning
  • Communication

Learning paths

  • Establishing positive climate (mutual interviews with peer principals) – Appreciative Inquiry
  • Vignette session 1 – analysis and discussion on vignette 1
  • Reflection on own school situation - Balance wheel
  • Vignettes session 2 (Creating individual vignettes describing their current issues)
  • Discussion of similarities and differences in topics in small groups (use Vignette session 2)
  • Establishing a partnership with another school leader with similar issue - Dimensions of learning in networks
  • Further steps for mutual collaboration (preparation of own school, exchange of ideas, collaboration, evaluation) - Common planning with model GROW - tool 29, Creating powerful intentions - tool 30) 
  • Action/reflection/learning

Learning methods

  • Mutual interviewing (Appreciative inquiry)
  • Self-assessment
  • Developing vignettes
  • Peer consultation
  • Turning work into a learning path

Learning environment

  • School leaders meeting
  • Face to face meetings in pairs
  • Opportunities to discuss and reflect
  • Moderation by an external moderator

People involved

  • School leaders
  • Moderator/teacher trainer

Indicators of success/impact

  • Vignettes that represent school leaders and teachers issues and dilemmas in situation they recognize and feel professionally challenged by;
  • An overview of relevant partners;
  • Agreement and action plan of the relevant partners;